• Conforms to ISO 6953-1
  • Suitable for panel and modular mounting
  • Non raising Press to Lock adjusting knob for locking at any set pressure
  • Diaphragm operated relieving type
  • Pressure compensated by Balanced poppet
  • Flow compensated (with venturi) for faster response Good flow and regulating characteristics.
Model  FRC 2016
Medium Compressed air
Port size           1/4” BSP (F)
Pressure Gauge Port Size 1/8” BSP (F) / 1/4" RSP (F)
Flow rate @ Ltrs/min 3000
Max. Supply pressure 10 bar
Regulating Pressure Range #   0.5-10 bar (Standard)
Ambient / Medium temperature 50 to 600c
Filtration # 5 um, 25um, 40um, (Std.)
Bowl capacity (at max condensate level) 40ml
Bowl material   Polycarbonate
Installation Vertical (as is the picture)
Weight 1.21 Kg

Pull the knob and adjust by turning the knob clockwise to increase the pressure. Push the knob back to its locked position. (Turning the knob anti clockwise will reduce the pressure)

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